.:Written it was:.

The Age

When I was Younger
i was to young to do what i wanted to do
When I was old enough
i didn’t thought of it anymore
And now i’m feeling to old at all.

So Never long for anything too long
Do what u what, feel what u feel
Forget the Age

Brothers too far to reach / Awaiting

Sitting here, watching the Moon.
Feeling alone. Longing for You.
Thinking that he iss my only true Friend,
never leaving, allways watching over me
In my night!
I watch the Stars. They look like brothers, like Cousins. like friends.
But their are too far to help.
I shout.
But their anwser disapears in the distance.
So my Fire calms.
But than they seem to smile.
I look Closer and i’m hearing a whisper
hold on,
hold on one more day
and you are throu
One More day and you’ll be one of us.
One more day and u will find your star on earth.

Holding on my fire relights, only to guide him, to find me


My Night

Covering Darkness sorounds me.
Enters my heard, and i don’t feel the pain anymore.
Hoping for her never to end, i swim in her. I walk in her.
Until i’m to tired to hold on.
Then i let go.
I fall asleep, and the Night iss in myself
until my brothers shine.

There’s even someone

There’s even someone who never refuse,
there’s even someone who took the right chose;

There’s even someone who calls Susan Sue,
there’s even someone who knows what to do?;

There’s even someone who’s dancing for rain,
there’s even someone who will resist the pain;

There’s even someone who can’t understand,
there’s even someone who will explain to them;

There’s even someone who ’s not made of steel,
there’s even someone who knows what I feel.?

not only in memorial of Oliver Krüger (*1.Feb 1981- † 30 okt.1996)

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