Ich kann nich schlaf

Ich kann nich schlafen, mir iss langweilig und ich f?hl mich einsam. sprich mir gehts und ich f?hl mich


My Night

Covering Darkness sorounds me.
Enters my heard, and i don’t feel the pain anymore.
Hoping for her never to end, i swim in her. I walk in her.
Until i’m to tired to hold on.
Then i let go.
I fall asleep, and the Night iss in myself until my brothers shine.

Brothers too far to reach / Awaiting

Sitting here, watching the Moon.
Feeling alone. Longing for You.
Thinking that he iss my only true Friend,
never leaving, allways watching over me
In my night!
I watch the Stars. They look like brothers, like Cousins. like friends.
But their are too far to help.
I shout.
But their anwser disapears in the distance.
So my Fire calms.
But than they seem to smile.
I look Closer and i’m hearing a whisper
hold on,
hold on one more day
and you are throu
One More day and you’ll be one of us.

One more day and u will find your star on earth.

Holding on my fire relights, only to guide him, to find me


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